Use the free resources below to give your career a boost! The printouts here are based on advice from over 75 experienced actors and industry experts, and cover every aspect of working on your career, from planning your next steps to zeroing in on your casting; from finding an agent to preparing for an audition. There’s even a starter spreadsheet to help you take the stress out of tax. Use the examples to help you fill out each print-out, and for expert guidance, get hold off The Actor’s Career Bible here.

Planning what to work on

Clarify your long-term aims and immediate priorities, and start taking action. See ‘Using this guide’ in the book for further examples and guidance.

Planning what to work on

Focusing in on your most realistic opportunities

Your selling points

Get to grips with your major selling points and casting. You’ll soon know which areas of the industry to target for work, how to present yourself to casting directors and agents, and be clear on what to work to improve your chances. Go to Chapter 1 of The Actor’s Career Bible - Your selling points - for more tips on this topic.

Mini industry-database

This easy-to-use template is modelled on working actors’ own mini databases of industry contacts. Use it to keep track of who you’ve met and contacted, and who to get in touch next. Chapter 2 of the book – Understanding the industry - will give you more ideas on how to fill out and use your database. You can keep track of anyone you come into contact with via direct contact (Chapter 5), networking (Chapter 8), online marketing (Chapter 9) and at auditions (Chapter 11).

Finding the right photographer

Having trouble finding a headshot photographer? Use this free resource to find the perfect person. See Chapter 3 of The Actor’s Career Bible – Photos, CVs, showreels and emails – to get the latest advice from industry professionals.

Creating a showreel

Use the print-out below to make sure your showreel advertises you at your best. Go to Chapter 3 of The Actor’s Career Bible – Photos, CVs, showreels and emails – for expert advice.

Choosing casting sites

Organise your research on casting sites to find the best fits for you. For detailed, expert advice on casting sites go to Chapter 4 of the book.

Direct contact planner

This free resource will spark ideas for emailing industry figures and help you plan ahead. See Chapter 5 of The Actor’s Career Bible for tips on all aspects of contacting the industry.

Finding the right agent

Create a short-list of great agents and submit yourself with confidence! Chapter 6 of The Actor’s Career Bible is full of further advice from agents, actors and career coaches on how to improve your chances of success.

Drawing up a shortlist of agents

Creating a pitch for agents

Audition prep planner

Maximise your audition prep time with this planner. Check out Chapter 10 of the book for more expert audition-prep advice.

Audition prep notes

After an audition

Spend a couple of minutes after an audition with the resource below, and you’ll nail down lessons for next time plus help yourself move on from any tricky experiences. There’s lots more advice on learning from and recovering after an audition in Chapter 11 of The Actor’s Career Bible.

Quick self-taping app guide

This handy sheet will take you through the steps you need to edit and send off your latest tape. For more advice on apps and every other aspect of self-taping, go to Chapter 12 of the book.

Unemployment routine planner

Use this weekly planner to get yourself out of an unemployment rut. Try to fit in at least three of the different activities into your week and give yourself a boost. Periods of unemployment are inevitable for almost every performer, but you can make them easier (and hopefully shorter) by reading Chapter 13 of The Actor’s Career Bible.

Tax spreadsheet

Make tax simpler using this download. There is further advice from accountants and experienced actors in the final chapter of The Actor’s Career Bible.